McDonald's Healthscape

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Lesson Times: 
6:30 AM to 9:30 AM

The McDonald's Healthscape Spa & Fitness Center is located in the Hyatt Lodge on the campus of McDonald's Corporation world headquarters in Oak Brook, IL. The campus is beautifully landscaped with multiple ponds, small water fountains, biking paths, walking trails and acres of woods and wildlife. The Healthscape features a 25-yard, 6-lane lap pool with a comfortable temperature of 84-85 degrees. You do not need to be a member of this facility to participate in ISR lessons.

This facility features 3 on-site restaurants, and is located near the Oak Brook Center Mall. The McDonald's Corporation is located at Kroc Drive and Jorie Blvd between 22nd and 31st Streets, and is approximately 1 mile east of Rt 83 in Oak Brook.

McDonald's Healthscape
2815 Jorie Blvd.
60523 Oak Brook , IL